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Amit Surve

Department of Chemistry, Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil College, Maharashtra, India


  • Brief Report   
    Phytochemical Analysis of the Methanol Extract from Leaves of Saraca Asoca
    Author(s): Amit Surve*

    Our aim of study to investigate the presence of various plant chemicals like salts steroids, triterpenes, alkaloids, saponins, tannins, anthraquinones and flavonoids iso flavonoid compounds or their derivatives with their biomedical applications. Plant used for study are traditionally known we carry out phytochemical study of the dried leaf of the plant, to extract and fractionate the leaf and thin layer chromatography of the different fractions to study different components. In the phytochemical investigation of the plant, the powdered leaves was gives tests positive for steroids, triterpenes, alkaloids, tannins, anthraquinones and flavonoids. In panvel region theses leaves are used on wound healing activity like tridex procubace and gulmohar tree... View More»
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