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Adavesh B Holeyache

Department of Dravyaguna VijnanaKaher’s, BM Kankanawadi Ayurveda Mahavidhyalaya, Belgaum, Karnataka, India


  • Research Article   
    HPTLC Analysis of South Indian Market Samples of Saptachakra (Salacia Chinensis Linn.)
    Author(s): Adavesh B Holeyache*, Manoj Kumar N and Geeta G Gadad

    Saptachakra (Salacia chinensis L.) is an important medicinal plant described as antidiabetic drug in South Indian ayurvedic literature. Research works attributed its action, mainly to the chief chemical compound mangiferin. Increased demand has led to over exploitation from the limited natural habitat, but this has not led to its scarcity in the market, which questions its authenticity. So, the present study has been carried out with different market samples from four different markets of South India viz Hyderabad (sample A), Chennai (sample B), Thiruvanantpuram (sample C) and Bengaluru (sample D) and compared these samples with the authentic natural habitat plant specimen (sample G) in terms of HPTLC with marker compound mangiferin. In HPTLC analysis of all the samples, except sample D, all other samples (B, C and G) showed presence of mangiferi.. View More»
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