Zhuang Jin Xu Gu Decoction improves fracture healing in rats | 17987
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Zhuang Jin Xu Gu Decoction improves fracture healing in rats by augmenting the expression of NPY


Yuexing Pan, Xiangjie Wang, Zhixian Du, Zhen Zhou, Yunliang Guo

To investigate the effects of Zhuang Jin Xu Gu Deco ction (ZJXG Decoction) on healing of femoral fracture in rats. Femur fratures were generated in fifty male adult Wistar rats by cutting femur transversely at middle point. ZJXG Decoction was ad ministered orally after surgery for 7-14d. The healing process was analyzed by X-ray and hematoxtli n-eosin (HE) staining in rats. The expression of neuropeptide Y (NPY) in fibroblasts and osteoblasts in callus was evaluated by immunohistochemical assay. The serum level of NPY was assessed by enzyme linked immunobsorbent assay (ELISA). X-ray imaging analysis indicated that the fibrous callus tissue at the femoral fracture-end increased and th e fracture line became fuzzy at 7-14 d following treatm ent with ZJXG Decoction. HE staining showed that the fibrous-granular tissue at the fracture-en d changed gradually to fibrous, cartilaginous and osseous callus tissues. Immunostaining and ELISA re sults showed that NPY in the fibroblasts and osteoblasts of callus and their serum level increas ed significantly 7-14 d following treatment with ZJXG Decoction. It is concluded that ZJXG Decoction could enhance the fracture healing by up- regulating the expression of NPY in fibroblasts and osteoblasts of callus in rats.

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