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Asma Murtaza*

Wellens' syndrome, or ?Widow Maker?, is referred to as a pre-infarction syndrome with non-classical ischemic electrocardiographic (ECG) changes and unremarkable cardiac biomarkers. This syndrome should not be missed by the clinicians as delay in urgent coronary intervention can result in anterior wall myocardial infarction (MI), arrhythmias, left ventricular dysfunction and death. It can be predicted by patient's history and ECG changes. Thus, physicians and health care providers should be familiar with the electrocardiographic manifestations of Wellens' Syndrome. Here, we describe a case of middle aged male patient presenting with history of typical chest pain with slightly elevated blood pressure (BP) with an initial ECG showing Brugada pattern, patient was admitted and started with antiplatelets, anti-ischemic and anticoagulant followed by serial ECGs but after 10 hours ECG done showed wellenoid pattern for which he underwent a Coronary Angiography and it came out to be severe lesion in proximal left anterior descending (LAD) artery.

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