Validation of Didactic Material for DE: Challenges and Prop | 17422
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Validation of Didactic Material for DE: Challenges and Proposals


Cristiane Brasileiro Mazocoli Silva, Vinícius Carvalho Pereira

Considering the current expansion of distance education (DE), writing for DE demands accurate and specific competences so it is crucial to search for more consistent criteria for validating this kind of material. In this paper, we try to place this production in the DE debate as we present the traits that distinguish self-instructional material as an emerging genre. We start off analyzing the proposals of English Open University and the Spanish UNED in order to scrutinize, detail and expand the macro- and micro-structural characteristics of the self-instructional genre, considering the European model. Furthermore, we elucidate what might cause this genre specification due to the need to incorporate relevant features of traditional learning to didactically-aimed academic writing. Finally, we present some critical points in which writing for DE is articulated to the available technological resources, focusing on the composition of professional teams who work with DE.

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