Utility of Anaerobic Urine Culture and Urine Infections Caus | 95655
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Utility of Anaerobic Urine Culture and Urine Infections Caused By Anaerobic Bacteria


Nelcy Yadav*

There are very few reports of anaerobic bacteria causing urinary tract infections. Since anaerobic bacteria are genitourinary tract commensals, their presence in a urine sample makes it more difficult to make a conclusive diagnosis of an anaerobic UTI. The gold standard method for uropathogen detection, identification, and antibiotic susceptibility testing is known as standard urine culture. Nevertheless, routine urine cultures performed in an anaerobic environment were abandoned due to the challenges associated with identifying them as pathogens and the dearth of anaerobic UTI cases that had been documented. On the other hand, it's crucial to stress those cultureindependent techniques like proteomics and molecular techniques can find anaerobes on a urine sample itself. Guidelines for the diagnosis and management do not mention anaerobes.

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