Urhobo wood sculpture: effective machinery for security and | 17620
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Urhobo wood sculpture: effective machinery for security and national development


Ese Odokuma

Of recent, Nigeria has being faced with a lot of security challenges ranging from frequent bomb blasts, to road and air mishaps, kidnappings, cases of armed robbery and ethnic-disharmony. Issues of Fraud, Impersonation, Exam- malpractices, in flocks of fake drugs and other fraudulent practices within the country also form part of these challenges. The Nigerian government so far, has not succeeded in finding lasting solutions to these problems, as such, putting the country in security alert both nationally and internationally. Its approach in tackling these multi-faceted problems has further eroded the foundations of this country. The question on the lips of many within and abroad is what indeed is the way forward? At this juncture, this paper attempts to examine and find lasting solutions through some traditional security systems at curbing this canker worm. Integrating Urhobo traditional security systems with some modern methods is a well thought approach. The Urhobo have security systems which are engraved in their culture and wood Sculptures which, if studied and adopted by government, will assist in tackling some of the security problems experienced in the country today. The method used in carrying out this study derives from psychoanalysis, iconography and selective interviews with persons in communities involved with local policing. The results indicate that integrating some traditional systems of security with modern types is an effective form of tackling security issues in Nigeria.

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