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Unravelling the Connection: Are Natural Calamities the Result of Human Impact on Nature


Madhulika Palli*

This article delves into the complex relationship between human actions and natural calamities, seeking to answer the question of whether these disasters are a result of human impact on nature. While natural calamities have always existed, evidence suggests that human activities have intensified their occurrence and severity. The article focuses on two primary factors: human-induced climate change and the degradation of ecosystems through deforestation and human settlements. It discusses how the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, and urbanization contribute to climate change and the subsequent increase in extreme weather events. Additionally, it explores how deforestation and the encroachment of human settlements into vulnerable areas disrupt natural buffers, leaving regions more susceptible to landslides, soil erosion, and floods. The article emphasizes the importance of recognizing this connection and implementing sustainable practices to mitigate further damage, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions, promoting reforestation, and adopting sustainable land-use practices. By understanding and addressing human impact on nature, we can work towards building resilience and reducing the risk posed by natural calamities.

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