Tumour Hypoxia and Prostate Cancer | 18059
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Tumour Hypoxia and Prostate Cancer


Maxwell Omabe, Ewenighi Chinwe, J.C Onyeanusi, Nnatuanya I. N., Onoh L. U. M., Ezugwu Uchechukwu A.

Hypoxia is a known hallmark of endocrine tumours including prostate cancer. The extent of this phenomenon varies across different stages of prostate cancer development with more advanced tumours showing higher state of hypoxia. Here we review the current understanding of tumour hypoxia and its implications on treatment outcome including treatment with androgen ablation therapy. In particular, hypoxia selects for cells with geno-phenotypes for survival advantage and malignant progression in both experimental and clinical models of prostate cancer. Evidence showed that tumour hypoxia may serve as a potent therapeutic target in treatment of prostate cancer.

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