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Thoracic Surgery Nursing Applications of Rapid Rehabilitation Nursing


Muixin Sang*

This report examines controlled trials to investigate the impact of quick rehabilitative nursing intervention in thoracic surgical nursing. This study first creates a control group and a test group. Traditional nursing techniques are used in the control group's thoracic surgical nursing intervention, while quick rehabilitation nursing techniques are used in the test group's addition. Also, both the control group and the test group have the same operating and recovery circumstances. This study also records real-time rehabilitation data, processes data using statistical techniques, and conducts follow-up surveys on patients' recovery progress. This essay also contrasts histograms and data to compare the impacts of nursing. The research's findings show a number of aspects of the patient's recovery process as well as user satisfaction with the speedy rehabilitation. The rapid rehabilitation nursing method can have a favourable impact on the nursing of thoracic surgery, as evidenced by the fact that nursing is higher than those of the control group.

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