The Use of Fresh Ginger Herbs As A Home Remedy To Relieve Primary Dysmenorrhea


Howida Awed, Tawheda El-saidy, and Tahany Amro

Dysmenorrhea is common among females which affect daily activities leading to limitations of their social, academic and recreational activities. Herbal remedy is well known since long times and the Ancient Egyptians have used peppermint, garlic, castor oil and other herbs in the treatment of illness. Moreover, a number of studies demonstrated ginger root’s is effective as a painkiller / anti inflammatory action. Aim: To evaluate the effect of fresh ginger usage as a home remedy on pain relive for dysmenorrhea among females. Method: A quasi excremental design was used. A convenient sample was 120 female students. Four tools were developed for data collection namely socio-demographic characteristics sheet to collect socio-demographics characteristics of female students, menstrual assessment sheet to assess characteristics of menstruation among the female students, verbal multidimensional scoring system(VMS) sheet to identify the degree of severity for the menstrual pain, the fourth tool was visual analog scale/ score (VAS) sheet to measure score for the menstrual pain. The last two tools were administered three times once before intake of herbal ginger, then during the 1st & 2nd months after the menstrual cycle. Results: Regarding to severity of dysmenorrheal sixty percent of the sample (60%) had moderate dysmenorrhea before intervention changed into thirty one point seven of the studied sample (31.7%) had moderate dysmenorrheal post2 intervention. There were statistically significant positive improvement of pain scoring among intervention groups with mean pain score at the 2nd day of menses. Conclusion: In light of this study, importance of use of fresh ginger as a home remedy to relive primary dysmenorrhea (PD). Uses fresh ginger 3 days before and first 2 days during the menstruation was effective and succeed in relieving menstrual pain among the females with primary dysmenorrhea.

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