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The Streaming War- A strategic analysis of upcoming disruptions in the business of online streaming services


Utkarsh Dwivedi

The online streaming business is largely dominated by Netflix and Amazon Prime across the globe, excluding China where the local players are favored by the policy makers. The business that has seen only a handful of global players is gearing up for what could be the fiercest competition in this segment with the arrival of big names like Google, Disney, Apple and Comcast. This industry has largely been dominated Netflix and Amazon, but the scale of competition that Google (YouTube), Disney and Comcast can possess will be something that existing players have never dealt before. We cannot underestimate the Apple Inc.’s launch of the similar service. The big question that arises is how the new players will create a unique customer value proposition that can carve out profitability for them. Google has already entered the business with its YouTube Premium service at disposal for more than a year now but defining it as a success is still debatable as it has only able to amass 15 million subscribers despite the fact of its huge popularity.

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