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The Role of Nursing in Promoting Health Science: A Comprehensive Review


Hakim Aslan*

Health science nursing is a dynamic and multidisciplinary field that combines the principles of health sciences with the art and science of nursing. This abstract provides an overview of the key aspects of health science nursing, including its importance, scope, and impact on healthcare delivery. The discussion highlights the significance of evidence-based practice, the evolving role of nurses in healthcare, the influence of technology on nursing practice, and the emphasis on health promotion. Interprofessional collaboration is recognized as a crucial factor in achieving optimal patient outcomes, while technological advancements have transformed nursing practice and improved patient care. Health promotion is identified as an essential component of health science nursing, empowering individuals and communities to actively engage in disease prevention and wellness promotion. The challenges of the nursing shortage and the need for diversity and inclusivity in the profession are also addressed. Despite the challenges, health science nursing offers numerous opportunities for career advancement and professional fulfilment. This abstract provides a comprehensive overview of health science nursing, highlighting its significance in delivering holistic, patient-centered care and promoting population health. The field of health science nursing plays a vital role in promoting the well-being and overall health of individuals, families, and communities. Nurses are essential members of the healthcare team, providing direct patient care, education, and advocacy. This research article aims to provide a comprehensive review of the contributions of nursing in health science, exploring various areas of practice, patient populations, and strategies employed to promote optimal health outcomes. The article also highlights the evolving role of nurses in the changing healthcare landscape and emphasizes the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in achieving comprehensive healthcare goals.

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