The knock nerves and milliherb herbal (JAMU) therapy can he | 17540
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The knock nerves and milliherb herbal (JAMU) therapy can heal pain, inflamation and shrink the lump


Sriana Azis, Achmad Saifoel Ghozi, Ine Kushartina

We were as a healer and inventor Herb Milliherb. According to complaint patient that chronic pain symptoms of stroke is stating. We strive to find out method of physiotherapy or massage to increasing the blood flow. The knock nerves found out at the beginning of January 2012. The knock nerves is a physiotherapy or massage with a toothpick or brush, the knock nerves on the skin (ache, inflammation and tumor) is stimulate nerve periphery to increase blood flow with a toothpick or brush and smeared with Milligesic oil. The blood flow is running well, it can relieve pain symptoms, inflammation, shrink the tumor and that all diseases can be cured quickly. Herbal MILLIHERB is research formulas greater than 25 kinds of plants which the same effect, consisting of the main ingredients and other plant material, as a complement, synergistic to improve the efficacy of herbal medicine and the doses decrease. Fulfill the motto "All diseases have drugs and can be cure-all" Hypothesis: Blood flow running well can be cure all diseases because it can improve the function of all organs. with a knock nerves on the skin or the nervous periphery with a toothpick or brush and Milliherb herbal can activate periphery veins or nerves so that blood flow running well throughout the body to be smooth and all diseases heal faster.From the results of the cases study of the Knock Nerves and Herbal MILLIHERB can cure the diseases, especially for first aid stroke disease, pain, inflammation and shrink lumps of thyroid/tumor/ cancer. Even more rapid these healing than modern medicine for decreasing pains, ache, inflammation and shrink lumps and healing the diseases for treatment of stoke, thyroids, tuberculosis, intestine, glaucoma, hepatitis A/B/C, nephritis syndrome, ect. This therapy is better than modern medicine.

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