The Intermittent Activities of Normal Gut Microbiota and Pat | 98113
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The Intermittent Activities of Normal Gut Microbiota and Pathogenic Bacteria


Eriana Groud*

The human microbiome plays a crucial role in health. The microbiota can either give pathogenic bacteria resistance or make it easier for them to get sick. The nutritional landscape of the gut is altered as a result of antibiotics' profound impact on the microbiota, which can result in the expansion of pathogenic populations. To boost their own growth and virulence, pathogenic bacteria rely on carbon and nitrogen from the microbiota as nutrients and regulatory signals. These bacteria change the environment in the intestines by causing inflammation. They also use unique mechanisms for respiration and metal acquisition to grow. Strategies for manipulating the microbiota to combat infectious diseases will emerge from unraveling the interactions that occur between the microbiota, the host, and pathogenic bacteria.

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