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The Exploring disrespect and abuse of childbearing women during childbirth in Zimbabwe


Lilian Gertrude Dodzo

Introduction and Background: Kruk, et .al, (2009) report that Disrespect and Abuse (D & A) in maternity care facilities are among the biggest barriers to women seeking maternal health services and closely linked to high maternal and neonatal mortality burden. Studies done in different settings have also reported D & A as a problem. Abuya, et al (2015) conducted a study in Kenya and reported that 20% of women experienced D & A. Sethi, (2017) reported the same problem with a prevalence ranging from 0.09 to 93.7% in Malawi. In Tanzania, the prevalence was 15% in post-partum and 70% in community follow-up (Sando et al, 2016). These study findings reveal that D & A during maternity care as a big challenge and it shows a serious violation of universal rights of child bearing women.

Problem Statement: The media and public continue to report complaints about the treatment of women when they seek maternity care in Zimbabwe. Women ‘s experiences of D & A in maternity care environments result in lasting emotional trauma and fear of delivery in health facilities. D &A of women is a serious problem which involves non-compliance to human rights by health care providers.

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