The Effectiveness of Super Inductive System in children with | 51907
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The Effectiveness of Super Inductive System in children with cerebral palsy: A case study


Ms Purnima Singh

To say that modern physiotherapy is striving would be a moderate expression. The progress accelerates every day ‘without any remorse’, transforming all known therapeutic practices. There is a paradigm shift in global healthcare based on the latest achievements of the planet’s greatest minds and amazing prospects of autonomous, self-learning tech solutions. Along with such rapid development, however, comes a strict necessity for physiotherapists to keep up with the pace. The good thing is that all medical fields are either looking to or already go hand in hand with advanced technologies – from paediatrics to complex surgery, from diagnostics to therapeutics. IoT is the answer.  It is a contemporary technology with the potential to alter or replace the various methods of classical therapy. IoT is undoubtedly transforming the healthcare industry by redefining the space of devices and people interaction in delivering healthcare solutions. IoT has applications in physiotherapy that benefit patients, families, hospitals and insurance companies. The article, presents the concept of IoT, provides a rationale for using IoT to positively influence therapy protocols, and presents evidence to support the use of IoT in various clinical setups.

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