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The educational programs of developing competencies for Japanese nursing professions: a literature review - a pilot study


Atsuko Watanabe

Background: Career development and continuing education are essential for nurses to develop their professional competencies. It is necessary for nurses to confirm their current abilities and to improve socialities such as communication ability and sense of responsibility to gain trust among patients, families, and team members. Since July 2009, it has been mandated by law that hospitals establish a system to provide continuing education to ensure and improve the quality and competencies of nursing professionals in Japan.

Objectives: To clarify the contents of the educational program which have implemented for Japanese nurses and its effects.
Methods: We searched the database, Japan medical abstracts society, and reviewed according to the inclusion criteria.
Results: Sixty-three studies were eligible for this review. The results were shown to contribute to the improvement of nurses’ self-understanding and self-efficacy, interpersonal relationships, and communication skills.
Conclusion: The contents and implementation methods of educational programs were in various ways, and it was not possible to identify which program was more effective. There is a need to implement more educational programs to develop nurses’ professional competencies.

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