The arboreal diversity of the Pocharam wildlife sanctuary, M | 87582
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The arboreal diversity of the Pocharam wildlife sanctuary, Medak district, Telangana state, India based on pollen analysis


Rampati Nagendar and A. Vijaya Bhasker Reddy*

Palynological studies were carried out in 16 arboreal plants of Pocharam Wildlife area. These plants belong to 12 families’ viz. Anacardiaceae, Apocynaceae, Bignoniaceae, Combretaceae, Cornaceae, Fabaceae, Lamiaceae, Muntingiaceae, Meliaceae, Rutaceae, Sapotaceae, and Lythraceae. The pollen characters studied such as size, shape, aperture and ornamentation types. The pollen morphology shows diversity which will help in identification of taxa and is useful in taxonomy and Palynological studies of Medak district in future.

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