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Support systems and coping strategies available to physically challenged students in University of Nigeria, Nsukka


Uzoma O. Okoye

Physical disability of any form usually places the individual at some form of disadvantage in our Nigerian society. However the extent to which a disability affects an individual maybe determined by the coping strategies he/she adopts in activities of daily living and also the institutional support available to him/her. The study sought to find out coping strategies and institutional support systems available to physically challenged undergraduates in University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Ninety-two undergraduates who are physically challenged were used for the study. Questionnaire and focus group discussion were used in data collection. Findings show that roommates, friends and relations were being relied upon by the respondents for their activities of daily living. Also, apart for members of their families, there are insufficient institutional support mechanisms available to them. The study also made recommendations on how to better the lot of undergraduates who are physically challenged.

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