Sedimentology of Conglomeratic Beds within Odoro Ikpe ��? | 16841
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Sedimentology of Conglomeratic Beds within Odoro Ikpe ��? Arochukwu Axis: Afikpo Basin Southeastern Nigeria


Ideozu R. U and Ikoro D. O*

The conglomeritic outcrop sections at Odoro Ikpe along Arochukwu axis southeastern Nigeria were studied for their petrographic and morphometric attributes and have been used to settle the controversies on the origin and depositional environment of the conglomeratic beds in the Odoro Ikpe and environs. The area is located along longitudes 7ï�?°44’E - 8ï�?° 03’E and latitudes 5ï�?° 15 N - 5ï�?° 28’N within the transition zone between the Niger Delta basin and Afikpo Basin southeastern, Nigeria Petrographic and optical evidence show that the pebbles of the conglomeratic beds have a metamorphic origin. The pebbles are weakly foliated and dominated by inequant grains orientated in preferred directions. The study reveals that the conglomerates were deposited in a fluvial environment as maximum sphericity index values averages 0.66, form is dominantly compact bladed and clast is rod shaped.

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