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Role of universities in developing citizenship among students: A case from Pakistan


Rehman ZU, Naz S and Majoka MI

Citizenship is associated with educational learning which facilitate to get ready our young graduates for the challenges and prospects of a changing World. Citizenship is becoming a corner stone subject in teaching learning process. However, still it is an entrance to a more comprehensive society. So, it was indispensable to explore the function of universities in developing citizenship among graduates. A survey research method was adopted, with a questionnaire and fifteen hundred Master level graduates were selected as sample of the study from fifteen public/private universities of Pakistan. The analysis of data exposed that a substantial number of the graduates having civic characteristics, were significantly in favor to develop sense of responsibility, leadership skills, curricular and co curricular activities, knowledge of current World events, civic research and facilities, law and religious studies, civic literacy and ethical awareness, crime prevention and human rights. For humanizing the civic characteristics and the accessibility as well as sustainability of the civic services in the universities, it is suggested that there should be no gap among learners, faculty and the management. The faculty and management be dedicated to student centered learning and the focus would be on the course learning and deliberate conclusions.

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