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Rare presentations of Intrabdominal Cysts : Diagnostic & Management Algorithm with Videos


Monika Gupta

Introduction: Intraabdominal cysts are uncommon disorders which may be caused by Echinococcus granulosus(hydatid cyst) ,simple cyst ,cystic tumor, pseudoaneurysm presenting as cyst or mesenteric or simple cyst s.Material and methods :Since our department of gastrointestinal ,HPB and minimal invasive surgery deals with intraabdominal cases we present 26 cases of intraabdominal cysts wihich were accurately diagnosed preoperatively by imaging and various tests so as to offer accurate surgical procedure to these patients according to suspected pathology .Out of these 3 lesions were tumors (1 GIST,1 immature teratoma , 1 biliary cyst adenoma ), 3 dermoid cysts , 10 hydatid cysts at liver right lobe 6 ,left lobe 2 ,1 diaphragmatic and 1 renal hydatid. 3 were pseudoaneurysm of splenic artery ,1retroureteric cyst ,1 pelvic cyst ,3 mesenteric cyst and 2 simple liver cysts .In all cases we had preoperative detailed history , Routine investigations, contrast enhance CT and USG for accurate diagnosis .Once diagnosed and details of nature of lesion are known it becomes easy to plan perioperative medical as well as surgical strategy about laparoscopic or open approach ,estimated blood loss and accurate intraoperative strategy to deal with cyst . Conclusion: Accurate preoperative planning and management according to nature of cytic lesion in intraabdominal cysts leads to proper management and gives good long term management in intraabdominal cytic lesions.

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