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Prevalence of metabolic syndrome amongst apparently healthy Nigerian adults in a hospital setting


Nwegbu M.M and Jaiyesimi O.O

This study was conducted to determine the prevalenc e of metabolic syndrome amongst healthy subjects and to identify the patterns of the parame ters that are diagnostic criteria for the condition . One hundred and twenty-five (125) apparently healthy ad ult Nigerians aged between 40-70years were evaluated for metabolic syndrome using the National Cholesterol Education Program- Adult Treatment Plan III (NCEP-ATP III) criteria. These subjects c omprising sixty-one (61) and sixty-five (65) female s and males respectively, were staff drawn from departme nts in the hospital and individuals who came for routine biochemical evaluation for medical check-up . Metabolic syndrome prevalence rate was 16.8% amongst the subject group. Within sex prevalence ra tes were 18.8 and 14.8% for males and females respectively. Hypertension was the commonest compon ent of the syndrome noted in the subject group while obesity and decreased high density lipoprotei n cholesterol (HDL-c) were the second and third commonest components respectively. Hypertriglycerid emia was the least common component observed in the study group. A strong association w as found between increased waist circumference (WC) and hypertension amongst these apparently heal thy subject cohort (p<0.01). Thirty-eight percent (38%) of the subject group with metabolic syndrome had greater than 3 components of the ATP III criteria, but none had ‘full blown metabolic syndro me’. In addition 16% were found to have impaired fasting glucose (IFG). These results indicate that the prevalence of metabolic syndrome in our environment is relatively high and highlights the n eed for larger population-based studies to ascertai n the overall prevalence within the country.

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