Prevalence and predictors of burden among family caregivers | 17993
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Prevalence and predictors of burden among family caregivers of the elderly in a Western City in Turkey: a community-based, cross-sectional study


Evci (K) E.D., Ergin F, Saruhan G., Benli C., Beser E., Okur O., Okyay P

The objective of this study is to assess caregiver burden among family members and to identify risk factors of burden. This was community based study u sing face-to-face interviews by a trained study team via a semi-structured questionnaire, the 12-It em General Health Questionnaire, the Zarit Burden Interview, the Center for Epidemiological Studies D epression Scale. Results: The daughters, sons and daughter-in-laws were the most common caretakers. O ne in four caregivers experiences caregiver burden and that the age of the elderly adult receiv ing care and family size affected the caregiver burd en. Daughter-in-laws and grandchildren experienced care giver burden at twice the rate of sons or daughters (p=0.014). Almost one in four caregivers had higher median CES-D scores. Early recognition of risks factors of caregiver burden and of health problems in caregivers can provide early support an d prevention of caregiver burden. Caregivers should b e educated about the risk factors for caregiver burden, support and services in their community.

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