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Prevalence and distribution of Candida Species in HIV infected persons on antiretroviral therapy in Jos


Lar P.M, Pam K.V., Tiri Yop, Shola Olukose, Agabi Yusuf, Dashen M.M., Mawak J.D

Oropharyngeal candidiasis (OPC) is commonly associa ted with HIV. The causative agent is a yeast strain that is originally present as a commensal of the oral cavity. Most species of the genus Candida that cause OPC in HIV patients if not identified an d properly treated with the drug of choice could result in resistance to the drugs and make treatmen t very difficult. This study was carried out to establish the species spectrum of the common yeasts associated with OPC in HIV patients on antiretroviral treatment in Jos. A total of 248 sam ples was collected; one hundred and ninety eight (198) Throat swabs from HIV seropositive males and females at the 2 hospitals.50 control samples from HIV seronegative persons were collected. The s amples were cultured on Saburauds dextrose agar and Candida Species isolated were characterized using germ tube test and sugar fermentation tests. Out of 248 subjects (HIV positive and HIV n egative individuals) were examined for oropharyngeal candidiasis,24(9.68%) yielded Candida growth. The age group 36-45 years accounted for the highest number 12 (50%) of isolates. Candida albicans accounted for 19 (79.2%) of the isolates ,Candida pseudotropicalis 2 (8.3%) , while Candida tropicalis, Candida parapsilosis a nd Candida guilliermondi had 1 (4.2%) isolates each. More women18 (7.26%) had or opharyngeal candidiasis than men 6(2.41%). 10% of the population studied were found to be colo nized with Candida . HIV patients whether or not on drugs were predisp osed to oropharyngeal candidiasis. C. albicans is the commonest species associated followed by, C. pseudotropicalis, C. tropicalis, C. parapsilosis and C.guilliermondi .Among patients on ART, Candida albicans was most prevalent 14(58.33%). Candida guilliermondi was the only species of Candida found in HIV posit ive patients not on ARV. Candida albicans still remains the leading cause of oropharyngeal c andidiasis in HIV infected persons within the study population.Constant identi fication of isolates of yeasts infecting HIV infect ed persons and the immune compromised will further en hance the appropriate treatment and minimise the speedy emergence of antifungal resistance.

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