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Prevalence and characteristics of metabolic syndrome among hypertensive patients attending a tertiary hospital in Kano, Nigeria


Dr Saidu Hadiza and Abdulwahab Kabir

Hypertension is the most common and important cardi ovascular disease (CVD) risk factor, frequently clustering with other risk factors to increase card iovascular disease morbidity and mortality. This st udy therefore, aimed to assess the prevalence of metabo lic syndrome (MS) among hypertensive subjects using the criteria of the National Cholesterol Educ ation Program’s Adult Treatment Panel III(NCEP – ATP III)in a tertiary hospital, in Kano, North – We stern Nigeria. This was a cross–sectional study conducted at the hypertensive clinic of Murtala Muh ammad Specialist Hospital, Kano. Structured pre- tested interviewer administered questionnaire was u sed for data collection. A population of 240 hypertensive patients ( 119 males and 121 females) over the age of 18 years were screened for metabolic syndrome by determining the body mass ind ex (BMI), waist circumference, levels of fasting plasma glucose and fasting plasma lipids. Out of th e 240 patients studied, 92(38.2%) patients met the criteria for metabolic syndrome. 26(28.6%) of them were males and 66(71.4%) were females. Type II diabetes mellitus was found in 85(35.8%), impaired fasting glucose in 18(7.5%), high plasma triglycerides in 58(24.4%) and low high density lip oprotein cholesterol in 79(33%).Obesity was found i n 105(43.8%). The prevalence of metabolic syndrome am ong hypertensives in Kano is high. Therefore, regular screening and control of hypertension and o ther CVD risk factors is necessary to prevent complications.

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