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Philosophical analysis of education for the enhancement of development, social justice and good governance in South Africa


Nana Adu-Pipim Boaduo FRC

Historically, Africa was branded as the Dark Continent by the colonialists. However, when the sun shone and the darkness was dispersed, another form of deliberate dehumanization started plunging Africa into further abyss of darkness. South Africa was particularly outstanding. The politicophilosophical ideology of racial segregation endorsed officially by the minority Apartheid Government was enforced with brutality. Through this deliberate act of dehumanization Apartheid created and nurtured social and political problems. The Apartheid System led its adherents to psychologically indoctrinate their kit and kin to falsely believe in white supremacy. The fight to end this obnoxious politico-philosophical ideology led to protracted hatred, attacks and alienation. Apartheid, specifically, generated hatred among racial groupings and endangered all South Africans. In 1994, the New South Africa ushered in a new politico-philosophical ideology of reconciliation. It called for a new education to humanize all South Africans. How the new education could be used to humanize South Africans in the new democratic dispensation is the core purpose of this analytical paper. The conclusion that could be drawn is that it is only when all South Africans have received the new education with open consciousness and change their mind sets could development, social justice and human rights be practically practised for the benefit of the citizens of the Rainbow Nation.

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