Performance assessment of graduates of a baccalaureate nursing completion programme: graduates├ó┬?┬? and supervisors├ó┬?┬? perceptions


Philip Onuoha

To assess the performance of graduates based on selected nursing duties after completing a post registration Baccalaureate nursing programme of the University of the West Indies, St Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago. All 273 graduates of the programme were asked to provide their self-assessment of their performance using a Likert-like scale. Additionally, 110 supervisors rated their satisfaction with graduates’ performance using a self-administered Likert-like questionnaire. Response rates were 67.4% and 60.1% for graduates and supervisors respectively. Results show that 73.4% of the graduates are aged 21-40years, while, 82.2% of the supervisors are 41 years or over. The mean scores from the supervisors were highest in Leadership (4.09) and lowest in “managing challenging situations” (3.22) while Graduates scored 4.41 and 3.87 for “Teaching junior nurses” and “Leadership” respectively. Results have shown high and positive agreement in the scores of the performance of the graduates but significantly discrepant scores on some of the nursing duties (p<0.05).

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