Numerical modeling of the polymetallic bodies of Tighza depo | 16555
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Numerical modeling of the polymetallic bodies of Tighza deposit (Central Morocco) by using the GIS tool and geostatistics


Amina Kassou*, Mohamed Aissa, Hajib EL Kasmi and Ali Essahlaoui

The various departments of the Touissit Mining Company are facing a problem of organization and storage of the generated information. Consciently at this situation, and taking into account the volume of product data, which continues to grow on one hand and their possible loss on the other hand, and due to the enormous potential of the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in terms of data collection, analysis and dissemination, the Touissit Mining Company decided to establish a geographic information system by means of a computerized database, in order to guide the exploration and exploitation work and to assist the mining managers to make suitable decisions. This work is complemented by a statistical and geostatistical treatment of the geochemical data, and the realization of thematic maps which can lead to the development of a geochemical model providing information about the polymetallic mineralizations distribution in this district.

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