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Mycoremediation-An Effective Tool to Decontaminate Environment: A Review


Bhagwat W Chavre*

Fungi are the most diverse group of living organisms having a wide adaptability in variety of environmental conditions. Fungus successfully made a way in the life of human being through its wide range of applications in food processing, drug production, enzyme technology and many more fields. They are widely being used in each and every aspect of human life and having a huge role fulfilling needs of growing population. In the present article an attempt is made to discuss one more novel application of fungi, mycoremediation. It is evident from the literature screening that, they plays very important role in the biodiversity and productivity of plants which is ultimately leads to regulation of different food chains in nature. A variety of fungal species has a capability to degrade different types of pollutants from environment by using their metabolic products like lignin degrading enzymes. In the present situation ever polluting environment can be decontaminated by using fungus which is a cost effective and eco-friendly way.

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