Midwifery Models of Care: A Comprehensive Review and Analysi | 100693
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Midwifery Models of Care: A Comprehensive Review and Analysis


Hilde Sundlin*

Maternity care is a pivotal aspect of women's health, and midwifery models of care have emerged as vital alternatives to conventional medicalise approaches to childbirth. This research article explores and analyses diverse midwifery models of care from around the globe, examining their historical roots, core principles, and impacts on maternal and neonatal outcomes. The article highlights the evolution of midwifery through history, emphasizing its role in empowering women and promoting informed decision-making. By presenting various midwifery models, including those from the Dutch, Scandinavian, Indigenous, and African traditions, this study showcases their unique philosophies and practices. Furthermore, the article delves into the challenges and benefits of integrating midwifery into modern healthcare systems and reviews existing evidence on its outcomes compared to medicalise care. Ultimately, this research reaffirms the importance of midwifery models of care in offering personalized, holistic, and respectful childbirth experiences, advocating for their increased recognition and integration within healthcare systems to enhance maternal and neonatal well-being.

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