Midwifery Care and Maternal Health Outcomes: A Systematic Re | 100694
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Midwifery Care and Maternal Health Outcomes: A Systematic Review


Candy Puts*

Midwifery, as a profession rooted in the historical care of women during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period, has evolved into diverse models of care globally. This research article provides a comprehensive review and analysis of midwifery models of care, exploring their historical evolution, essential components, and impact on maternal and newborns health outcomes. The article delves into the significance of personalized, womancentered care, emphasizing informed choice, shared decision-making and cultural sensitivity as key components of midwifery models. Drawing on case studies from various regions, the article highlights the global diversity of midwifery practices and their respective effects on maternal and new-born health. Additionally, empirical evidence is examined to compare midwifery-led care with medical-led care, assessing outcomes such as maternal satisfaction, birth interventions, maternal mortality, neonatal mortality, and breastfeeding rates. The potential benefits of integrating midwifery care into modern healthcare systems are explored, along with strategies for addressing disparities and inequalities in maternal and newborn health outcomes. Ultimately, this article advocates for the recognition and support of midwifery models of care as a crucial approach to promoting positive and empowering childbirth experiences and improving maternal and new-born health outcomes worldwide.

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