Micronutrient and phyto-chemical composition of root bark an | 18049
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Micronutrient and phyto-chemical composition of root bark and twig extracts of Gongronema latifolium.


Egbung Godwin Eneji, Atangwho Item Justin, Iwara Iwara Arikpo and Eyong Ubana Eyong

In traditional setting, Gongronema latifolium root and twig are used in the management of differe nt ailments. The present study therefore evaluated the ir chemical constituents: phytochemicals (tannins, saponins, alkaloids, flavonoids and hydrocyanide), proximate, (crude fat, ash, fat and protein), miner al elements (Cr, Cu, Se, Zn and Fe) and vitamins (A, C , E, riboflavin, niacin and thiamine) using standar d methods. Results show high levels of Vitamin A and C in the twig extract compared to the root extract, while vitamin E was found to be present in the root extract only. However, the flavonoids (3.50±0.01), alkaloids (14.02±0.01), HCN (7.81±0.05) and tannins (0.25±0.01) were observed to be significantly high (P<0.05) in the root extract relative to the twig e xtract. G. latifolium was revealed in trace concentrations, Se, Cu, Fe, Zn and Cr. Conclusively, the findings f rom this work therefore indicate that the twig and root bark extracts may be a good source of medically act ive phytochemicals and micronutrients relevant in human and animal nutrition.

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