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Metabolomics Research is Crucial for Understanding Plant Biology: Melanoidin Coloration Changes in the Bacterial Extracellular Supernatant when Silver Nanoparticles (AgNPs) are Biosynthesized


Black Eagle*

In plant biology, metabolomics is important for growth, development, and stress resistance. Plants create a wide variety of metabolites, ranging from 200,000 to 1,000,000, hence metabolomic research is crucial for understanding plant biology. Plants have a wide variety of metabolites, making it difficult to accurately identify and measure them. Plant metabolomics has advanced significantly, yet it is still difficult to consistently annotate metabolite signals in databases and with worldwide standardised informatics. The improvement of separation efficiencies and the identification of specific metabolites are key factors in the development of metabolomics. In plant metabolomics, the fluxome and metabolomic QTL (mQTL) constitute a critical gap.

Nowadays, system biology includes metabolomics, and using metabolomics in conjunction with a system biology approach will enable the objective capture of mass spectrometric data from a wide range of samples. The improvement of technology for metabolite detection and identification in complex plant tissue as well as the distribution of metabolomics research data would be highly beneficial in overcoming various obstacles (German JB et al., 2002).

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