Malrotation of the intestine in children in Port Harcourt, s | 18162
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Malrotation of the intestine in children in Port Harcourt, south-south Nigeria: Review of 26 cases.


Nwankwo N. C. and Gboobo I.

Malrotation of the gut especially the mid gut is rare and is a common cause of upper intestinal obstruction resulting in recurrent bilous vomiting early in life. Early diagnosis is important, so that corrective surgery can be performed immediately. The aim of the study is to review 26 cases of malrotation of upper gastro-intestinal tract managed by the authors over a 5 year period, note associated anomalies, and high light the importance of upper gastro-intestinal studies- barium meal in the diagnosis. This was a prospective study of 26 cases of malrotation of the intestine seen by the authors over a 5 year period in Port Harcourt, South-South Nigeria. Ages at presentation, modes of presentation and associated anomalies were reviewed. During this period about 189 abdominal paediatric surgeries were managed by the paediatric surgeon. Of these 26 (13%) were for malrotation of gastro-intestinal tract GIT. 16 (61.5%) were males and 10 (38.4%) were females. These patients presented with persistent bilous vomiting, abdominal distention, visible peristalsis in abdomen, frequent vomiting after food. Most mortality-5 (19%) was in the cases where diagnosis was delayed. Outcome was good in those presenting outside the neonatal period. Early detection/diagnosis of malrotation and prompt surgery is important and the emphasis should be to achieve this.

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