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Lifelong education as a strategy for the establishment of a culture of peace in Nigeria in the Twenty-first century


Idowu Biao

On account suspect and misunderstand one another so very much. It of ethnic and economic crises, Nigeria has not known peace for a long time. The factors that went into the making of Nigeria are not the types that could naturally promote peace. Despite this initial daunting obstacle in the way of peace, successive governments have tried various strategies aimed at fostering peace in Nigeria. For example, many political restructurings of the country have been undertaken since 1960; many political settlements have equally been reached between governments and warring parties on the one hand and among feuding communities themselves on the other hand; yet, peace continues to elude the country. This unfortunate situation persists mainly because lifelong education is yet to be employed as a strategy for establishing a culture of peace in the country. Lifelong education which is education which begins at birth and continues throughout life is unfortunately not yet being promoted by Nigeria. It is here recommended, that lifelong education should henceforth be treated as national educational need through the establishment of viable lifelong education infrastructures, through the promotion of culture fairs across the country and through the promotion of tours that seek to bring greater knowledge of Nigeria to the largest number of Nigerians.

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