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Life Skills Included in Jordanian Secondary English Language Textbooks


Jessica George*

Fundamental abilities are important to engage students to adapt to their life effectively and its difficulties and set them up to comprehend and answer suitably to everyday occasions. In this manner, smart combination of fundamental abilities subjects into the educational plans can sharpen students to future facts and further develop values and abilities required for participation with others. This graphic logical review pointed toward recognizing the remembered fundamental abilities for the auxiliary stage English language reading material. The scientists changed a model for ordering fundamental abilities that suit Jordanian students and match global models. They emerged with nine spaces. The scientists planned the substance examination card tried to gather information applicable to the review. The discoveries of the review showed that there is fluctuation in introducing the nine principal spaces in the English language course books for the auxiliary stage. Indeed, even in the one space, there is a fluctuation in introducing the things. The nine principal spaces obtained the accompanying outcomes: compelling open gets 30.11%, the relational relationship gets 12.27%, critical thinking gets 11.28%, mindfulness building gets 10.67%, navigation gets 10.32%, adapting to pressure and feelings l gets 6.97%, innovative reasoning gets 6.82%, gets 6.67%, decisive reasoning with just 4.89%. Obviously the optional stage English language reading material in Jordan center was around correspondence. Fundamental abilities dispersion shows the absence of a decent procedure in the dissemination of fundamental abilities in this stage's course readings.

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