Knowledge and attitude of pregnant Women towards dietary practices in Yerwa Clinic, Maiduguri Metropolitan Council; Borno State


Kever, R.T. RN, Martins, S.D. RN, RM, FWACN.,Lola, N. RN, RM, BNSc,Dathini, H RN, RM, BNSc, PGDE, Habu, H. RN, BNSc., Fatima, A.A. RN, RM, BNSc, PGDE,Sambo B D. RN BNSc

The health of a pregnant mother and her nutritional status can influence the health and survival of the growing foetus because of the biological link between her and her child. This study was conducted to assess the knowledge and attitude of dietary practices among pregnant women attending Yerwa Clinic. Descriptive design was used for the study. 294 women were selected using systematic random sampling technique. Data was collected using a self structured and validated questionnaire. Analysis was done using frequency distribution, simple percentages and inferential statistics of chi-square was used to test hypotheses at 5% level of significance. Findings reveal that respondent have high (65.3%) knowledge of dietary practices and 63.27% of the respondents have positive attitude towards the practices. Among the factors that impede good dietary practice in the population were cultural belief and poor socio-economic background while regular attendance of ante-natal clinic and good socio economic background enhance good dietary practice among the population. Test of hypotheses showed no association between age and knowledge, attitude and religious affiliation; however occupation and the attitude of the respondent were statistically significant. The study however suggest that intensive health education strategy should be developed and implemented in order to bring about orientation of cultural beliefs.

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