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Investigation into Satisfaction Level of Males Employees of Insurance Industry


Lakhwinder Pal Singh, Harmanpreet Singh

Various occupational stresses and causes that produced stresses among the life insurance employees seek to identify in the present scenario of the insurance market. The present study is about measuring the satisfaction level of males in an insurance market and to assess the relationships between occupational stress, ill health and organizational commitment. For this purpose a structured questionnaire was designed to collect information and Chi Square test was applied on the data. The value of Chi Square was calculated at a level of 0.05 and the null hypothesis was found to be significant. According to the factors studied in the present study the dissatisfaction level of employees was found to be the main cause of stresses. The present study it may be concluded that the satisfaction level of males is dependent upon education level, age, and regular or overtime, fear of failure, respect in organization and unrealistic targets and is independent of company name, public or private sector, marital status, nature of job.

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