Internationalization of Higher Education in China: Challenge | 98262
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Internationalization of Higher Education in China: Challenges and Strategies in the Era of Network Education


Mark Jensen*

This paper explores the current status of internationalization in China's higher education system and addresses the challenges posed by the intersection of internationalization and network education. As China's economy and scientific advancements continue to flourish, its education sector has experienced rapid development, attracting a growing number of foreign students. However, cultural differences and traditional educational concepts pose obstacles to smooth teaching and learning experiences. Moreover, the internationalization of higher education coupled with the rise of network technology has led to a significant brain drain. To ensure further development, Chinese colleges and universities must redefine their educational concepts and curriculum systems, enhance faculty training and management, innovate teaching methodologies, foster scientific research collaborations, harness the potential of network technology, and implement effective response measures. By analysing the current state of internationalization in Chinese higher education, this paper aims to provide valuable insights and recommendations for navigating this evolving landscape

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