Influence of water content on Geotechnical Properties of Dec | 16769
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Influence of water content on Geotechnical Properties of Deccan Basalt, Maharashtra, India


Dhananjai Verma, Ashutosh Kainthola*, T. N. Singh, Rahul Thareja

A number of civil projects are coming up in the hilly areas of the Maharashtra state, which gets adversely affected in the rainy season as document by the cases of slope failures, land subsidence etc. The present study on geotechnical properties of Deccan Basalt from Mahabaleshawar area, Maharashtra were studied to analyze the effect of moisture content. The important geotechnical parameters like, uniaxial compressive strength, point load strength, tensile strength, cohesion and angle of internal friction have been studied experimentally as well as the results have been analyzed numerically for verification of the same.

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