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Incorporating Creativity to the Technology Adoption Model Swine Agriculture Engineering for Agricultural use


Glyn Bengough*

(Abbai R et al., 2019) Environmental crises and widespread worries about the negative effects that traditional agricultural practises and agricultural activities have on the environment have led to a change in perspective on the need to adopt sustainable farming practises. In recent years, various agricultural practises, including precision agriculture, have been introduced to address environmental issues.( Abe A et al ., 2012) The goal of this study was to look at the elements that affect the attitudes and behavioural intentions of agricultural staff and consultants toward using precision agriculture technologies. The data from 183 agricultural consultants in Agricultural Engineering and Technical Consulting Services Companies was gathered using a survey inquiry and multistage random sampling. According on the findings of structural equation modelling, the province of Fars agricultural staff and consultants planned to employ precision agricultural technologies. Considering the outcomes The primary factor influencing experts' intentions to employ precision agriculture technologies is their behavioural attitude.(Abinaya ML et al., 2019) Additionally, individual inventiveness, confidence, perceived usability, and perceived simplicity of use of precision agricultural technologies affected behavioural intention to use as well as behavioural attitude. The findings have led to some useful recommendations for using these technologies in Iran (Afolayan G et al., 2019).

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