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In vitro evaluation of membrane stabilizing activities of leaf and root extracts of Calliandra portoricensis (JACQ) benth on sickle and normal human erythrocytes.


Amujoyegbe O. O., Agbedahunsi J. M., Akinpelu B. A., Oyedapo O. O

Sickle cell disease is an inherited disorder of haemoglobin, resulting in abnormal red blood cell which may block blood vessels leading to acute painful crises and other complications. Membrane stabilization activities of aqueous and ethanolic extracts of C. portorincensis leaf and root on sickle and normal erythrocytes exposed to both heat and hypotonic induced lyses were investigated. The percentage membrane stabilizing activities of these extracts were found to be concentration dependent. Both leaf and root extracts of C. portoricensis mode of protection was revealed to compete favourably with the standard drug (ibuprofen) but ethanolic root extract exhibited the best membrane stabilizing activities. This study indicates that C. portoricensis exhibited human erythrocyte membrane stabilizing activity and possessespotential ability for the management of sickle cell related ailments.

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