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Implementation of Bacteriophage in food production and processing


Pablo Garica*

Despite numerous advancements in food sanitation and pathogen surveillance, foodborne illnesses continue to be a major cause of hospitalization and death worldwide. Customary antimicrobial techniques, like purification, high tension handling, light, and compound sanitizers are equipped for diminishing microbial populaces in food sources to shifting degrees, yet they additionally have significant disadvantages, for example, an enormous beginning speculation, likely harm to handling gear due to their destructive nature, and an injurious effect on organoleptic characteristics (and perhaps the healthful esteem) of food sources. Maybe above all, these sterilization systems dispense with unpredictably, counting numerous frequently useful microorganisms that are normally present in food varieties. One promising method that tends to a few of these weaknesses is bacteriophage biocontrol, a green and regular technique that utilizes lytic bacteriophages separated from the climate to target explicitly pathogenic microbes and dispose of them from (or fundamentally lessen their levels in) food sources. Since the beginning origination of utilizing bacteriophages on food varieties, a significant number of examination reports have portrayed the utilization of bacteriophage biocontrol to focus on different bacterial microorganisms in different food sources, going from prepared to-eat store meats to new products of the soil, and the number of economically accessible items containing bacteriophages supported for use in food handling applications has additionally been consistently expanding. However a few difficulties remain, bacteriophage biocontrol is progressively perceived as an appealing methodology in our arms stockpile of devices for securely and normally wiping out pathogenic microscopic organisms from food varieties.

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