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Immunotoxicology: Understanding the Complex Interplay between Chemicals and Immune Health


Yoram Gerchman*

Immunotoxicology is a specialized field of toxicology that investigates the intricate interactions between chemicals and the immune system. This article provides an overview of the significance of immunotoxicology in public health and its role in understanding the potential risks posed by various environmental agents and pharmaceuticals. The immune system serves as a critical defense mechanism, protecting the body from infections and diseases, but exposure to certain chemicals can disrupt its delicate balance, leading to immunosuppression or hypersensitivity reactions. Immunotoxicology research aims to unravel the mechanisms through which these chemicals affect the immune system, which involves dose-response relationships, individual variability, complex interactions, and ethical considerations. Understanding immunotoxicity has significant applications in public health and regulation, influencing the establishment of safe exposure limits and guiding the development of safer products and pharmaceuticals. As the chemical landscape continues to evolve, immunotoxicology remains vital in safeguarding immune health and maintaining a delicate equilibrium between technological advancements and human well-being.

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