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Identifying water and air pollution stresses in Macarthur region: Australia to analyse ecologically sustainable development


Sheikh Alam

The suburb of Minto is located within the global coordinate system of 34.0265o S and 150.8507o S and is located in Campbelltown City Council. The area is originated over Hawkesbury Sandstone juxtaposition by Wianamatta Shale and enjoys deep ravine topography. An examination of soils at outcrop has confirmed that the project site is situated on the foundation of Wianamatta Shale. Environmental processes are actively under surveillance round the clock in Australia and Macarthur region is not an exception. The entire country has developed modern setup of environmental protection procedures in protecting every single Water Source and carving gaseous emanation from industries. Greater Sydney is one of the few locations in the world where tap water is superb and aquatic ecosystem is good (>75%). Sydney drinking waters are aesthetically excellent, ecologically well balanced and taste is magnificent. Water management companies such as Sydney water has to go through stringent water quality test at Sydney state-of-the-art laboratory to satisfy water experts before they are allowed to supply tap water for residential consumption. Air pollution industries have been monitored round the clock to restrict air pollution beyond the admissible limit. Air pollution in the Macarthur region ranges from 34-36 RAQI which is good and safe comparing with international standard. The research shows effect of particulate matter PM10 exposure can cause deaths up to 40 days after the exposure. In the baseline model using PM10 it is found the overall PM10 effect (per 10 micro g/m 3) was 0.74% for respiratory deaths and 0.69% for cardiovascular deaths. In unrestricted distributed lag models, the effect estimates increased to 4.2% for respiratory deaths to 1.97% for cardiovascular deaths. PAH air pollutants contributes to slower processing speed, attention-deficit/hyperactivity activity disorder symptoms, externalizing problems in urban youth by chemicals exposure arch Carbon Monoxide (CO); Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2 ); Ozone (O3 ); Sulphur Dioxide (SO2 ); Lead (Pb); Volatile Organic Carbon (VOC's) are far below the desired level. Old service stations plays dominant role in polluting surrounding environment of Campbelltown are replaced with the robust greener technology that render service to lot more vehicles in one out-let, transforming them from pollution producing to generation of fun loving environment while refuelling their vehicle. The improved management practice efficiently reducing number of service stations establishing at strategic location convenient for consumers. Older service station that is more damaging for the environment is progressively replaced with more environment friendly services and no damage for the environment such as child care centres. Above all it is a matter of great pride that environmental and water resources management and techniques of emission control is one of the best in the world.

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