Human Intestinal Fungi in biotransformation of Dihydrocapsai | 98111
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Human Intestinal Fungi in biotransformation of Dihydrocapsaicin


Hoshidi Yamnaka*

The main bioactive component of Capsicum plants is dihydrocapsaicin, which is used as a food drug and additive in China and India. In this study, four in vitro cultivated human intestinal fungal strains were used to perform the biotransformation of dihydrocapsaicin. Eight metabolites, including seven beforehand undescribed metabolites (1 and 38) and one known simple, were acquired. To determine their structures, numerous spectroscopic data, including NMR and HRESIMS, were collected. The most important biotransformation reactions were identified as hydroxylation, alcohol oxidation, and lactylation based on the structures of the dihydrocapsaicin metabolites. Specifically, the lactylation of hydroxyl bunches is for the most part interceded by Rhizopus oryzae R2701

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