Histopathological review of thyroid diseases in southern Nig | 17164
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Histopathological review of thyroid diseases in southern Nigeria-a ten year retrospective study


Ijomone EA, Duduyemi BM, Udoye E, Nwosu SO

Diseases of the thyroid gland presents with either an alteration of hormone secretion or as enlargement of the thyroid gland. Previous reviews have shown that thyroid diseases pattern varies with regional and socioeconomic factors. Histologi cally confirmed thyroid diseases seen within the ten year period were reviewed.133 out of 139 cases were reviewed because of incomplete forms and inability to find slides and blocks in 6 cases. The re were 121 females (91%) and 12 males (9%) with M:F ratio 1:10. Non neoplastic disorders were 91 (6 8.4%) and neoplastic disorders 42 (31.6%). Major histologic subtypes include: Goitre 79 (59.4%) incl uding simple colloid goitre 65(48.9%) and multinodular goitre 14 (10.5%), Toxic hyperplasia 2 (1.5%), Thyroiditis 3(2.3%), Cystic diseases 7 (5.3%), Adenoma 22 (16.6%) and carcinoma 20 (15%). Follicular adenoma was the commonest neoplasm (52.4%) with M:F ratio of 1:6. Of the mali gnant diseases, papillary carcinoma was the commonest (55%) followed by follicular carcinoma (3 0%), medullary carcinoma (10%), and poorly differentiated carcinoma (5%). This study showed th at majority of thyroid diseases are benign and are seen mainly in women. Colloid goitre and follic ular adenoma were the commonest non neoplastic and neoplastic diseases respectively. This compares favourably with most studies in our country and beyond.

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