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Hepatoprotective Activity of Geraniin Isolated fromThespesia lampas Dalz. and Gibson


S. Stephen Ambrose, P. Solairaj and A. Subramoniam.

Thespesia lampas Dalz. and Gibson (root) is used in traditional medicine for liver ailments in Kerala, India. Preliminary studies showed the hepatoprotective activity of the butanol fraction of alcohol extract of T. lampas root against paracetamol toxicity in rats. In this follow up studies, the major active principle was isolated by column chromatography and identified as geraniin using spectral data. Geraniin showed promising hepatoprotective activity against both CCl4and paracetamol-induced liver damages in rats. The promising anti-hepatotoxic activity of geraniin was not reported previously. Further, this study revealed the presence of geraniin in T. lampas root.

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